4 ways how omni-channel payments can benefit your business.

Today’s retail environment is a diverse and exciting place that spells limitless possibilities for the modern consumer.

This means that the success of your business depends not just on your products, but also on the convenience and professionalism of the payment methods that you make available for shoppers. And when it comes to taking business payments, what better way to retain paying customers than with seamlessly integrated services among your store and all your online, self-service and mobile channels?

Businesses around the world are fast discovering and claiming the benefits of omnichannel payments. These novel single payment platforms help retailers create a unified purchasing experience across all their sales channels. Here’s how omnichannel payment processing can benefit your business:

1. Lowered business costs.

An omnichannel business payment solution gives you the ability to accept payments in countless different ways, without the hassle of working with multiple payment processors. This means that you can interconnect all your sales channels into one payment platform, thus saving the business money by removing the need to pay many different companies.

2. Unlimited aisles.

The dawn of online shopping and mobile payment processing means that you never have to worry about going out of stock ever again. Omnichannel retailing allows you to give customers the benefit of viewing your entire inventory. They can then pay for the products they need with either an online or in-store transaction. This is a popular sales strategy used by many mature businesses that can give you the opportunity of increasing sales. 

3. Improved customer experiences.

Tokenisation sits at the heart of an omni-channel payment solution, providing the security and customer insight needed to deliver secure, fast and engaging customer experiences. Additionally, because a token remains unique to an individual customer (and your business) across any channel, it means merchants can more easily offer loyalty schemes, incentives and discounts automatically – no matter how that customer chooses to shop. 

4. In-app and in-store purchases.

With modern consumers on the move all day every day, investing in omni-channel payment solutions has never been so crucial to surviving the competition. Omni-channel shopping enables your customers in multiple countries to browse your in-app products on the go and add them to their basket. Consumers can pick up the item in-store and pay for it through the app, which transfers the in-app basket value to your POS sales system.

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