5 tips for reaching your goals in 2019.

January 14, 2019

Now 2019 is finally upon us, it’s natural to start thinking about how you can thrive in new ways. As personal and service-based technologies advance, there are so many easy changes you can implement which will automate your menial tasks, enhance your experiences and empower you to achieve even more.

Here are some of our favourite fixes and habits which are guaranteed to help you keep on track to achieve your goals.

1. Find a project tool that works for you

With so many to do list and Gantt chart apps out there, it can be difficult to know which is best for you and how you run initiatives most effectively.

Trello is a fantastic tool which is flexible, collaborative and allows different views according to timelines, priorities and ownership of tasks. However, Asana runs by giving you a daily list of actions drawn from all live projects.

These are the two of the most popular tools on the market, however there are plenty more for you to explore!

2. Track your productivity (procrastination)

It can be so easy to lose your day in one task or to lose your focus on the expanse of the internet. There are tools now which either track the time you spend on each application on your device or completely lock you into one view until you finish a dedicated action.

Highly rated products to try including BeFocused and Finish.

3. Find the best card payment services for your business

Slow payments systems are a turn off for any customer and having a contactless card payment system is now a necessity. When deciding, you should think about how your customers usually like to pay.

Do they want to use a contactless card? Their smartwatch or phone? Or do they usually pay cash? Have the right payment services for your business can help you achieve your growth goals.

View our card machines to find out which one would suit your business best.

4. Connect your apps for seamless updates and communication

Tools like Zapier make integrating all of your tools almost instant. If you’re not connecting your services, why not? It will make your view of activity seamless whilst creating channels for instant communication.

5. Create a new habit every month

They say it takes 30 days for a new habit to form. Take that opportunity to improve yourself every month! Whether it’s something small like tracking how much water you drink, or something much larger like a new learning routine, forming a habit can help you achieve an end goal, whether business or personal.