5 ways payment technology can help your gardening business

May 24, 2018

With the Chelsea Flower show upon us, gardening businesses can stay ahead of the curve by embracing payment technologies. Payment technologies offer customers payment flexibility, fostering customer loyalty. Gardening businesses can also integrate payment systems and manage payments.

Easy and quicker customer payment

With a modern integrated payment system, gardening businesses are able to offer an excellent point of sale experience. Using mobile payments, customers can pay for services with the swipe of a hand. Paying is typically the least favourite part of the consumer experience. Mobile payments speed up the process, allowing customers to pay for their service a lot quicker. Mobile card machines are also great for business: they’re portable, so can be taken wherever you might do business e.g. a customer’s house. They also increase cash flow, as you receive funds quickly and simplify the accounting process, as there’s no need for invoicing.

The difference between a sale and losing a customer

For gardening businesses at the Chelsea Flower show, offering payment technologies can help secure more customers. Card payment services not only offer payment flexibility, but it also gives customers a good impression of the business. If the business only takes cash and the consumer only has a card, then the sale will fall through and that customer will more than likely never return.

A reliable way to receive payment

By accepting credit and card payments, gardening businesses can have peace of mind when it comes to receiving payment. Credit and card processing is a reliable process which gives some guarantee to businesses. Card terminals and payment machines mean service providers will receive monies owed through card payment processing. This means funds will transfer to businesses without any hassle.

Improve customer loyalty

Improving customer loyalty is about providing top quality service. Universal payment acceptance is a key component of a business’ service. At the Chelsea Flower show, gardening businesses can snare and retain customers by using various payment technologies. Payment flexibility and card payment service streamline the payment process, which consumers appreciate.

Track and manage payments

Through a merchant account, gardening businesses can manage and track payments. Card processing leaves a ‘paper trail’ allowing businesses to keep accurate records. By overseeing card payment systems, gardening businesses can build up a clear picture of their accounts. It will also reveal customer trends and inventory needs.