5 Ways To Increase Custom This Christmas Season

December 21, 2017

Christmas is an exciting time of year, especially for retailers. The Christmas shopping season sees more people flocking to the high street or browsing online than any other time of year.  This makes it a fantastic opportunity to engage with your customers and sell them your products.  To make the most of the festive season, here are five ways to incentivise your customers to buy more from you this Christmas.

Prepare your team

From the in-store retail staff to the behind the scenes warehouse team, all your staff should be prepared. Christmas season is typically a lot busier and customers have high expectations. By briefing staff, you can ensure that they set their standards high and offer exceptional levels of customer service. Everything from a smiling face to prompt delivery sets a positive image for your business and will encourage customers to return.

Carefully position your offers

Up-sells and offers are a quick and easy way to encourage customers to spend more with you. Everybody loves a bargain. Position all reduce items or special offers close to the till, or as a pop up at the checkout. This clever positioning means that you draw the customer’s attention to more products just before they commit to their purchase.

Offer free gifts

‘Tis the season for giving after all! Offer a free gift upon purchases of a certain amount, and customers may spend that little bit extra to qualify. A great way to say thank you, and it’s always appreciated.

Stay well stocked

Buyers will choose a store with plenty of choice and a variety of items. Stay well stocked to ensure the maximum availability of products.

Provide a seamless checkout

Customers will always appreciate a quick and easy checkout. By using high-quality card payment services, you can ensure that you don’t lose customers by not offering their desired payment method. Contactless card terminals with Apple Pay can really speed up the checkout process in store.  For online retailers, make sure you know how to accept card payments safely and securely over the internet.