8 Great Ways To Streamline Your Checkout Process This Christmas

November 28, 2017

It’s that time of year again that businesses across the globe will be competing for customers.  Don’t lose custom this year to a competitor due to a needlessly complicated checkout process.  We’ve come up with eight tips to make sure your checkout process runs as smoothly as possible.
1. Don’t make the customer register until checkout
There’s nothing worse than finding an interesting online shop only to be forced to hand over personal information before even browsing.  Of course, card payments require certain details, but make sure not to ask for them until the last moment.
2. Shorten your checkout process
It seems simple, but you’d be surprised at how many four-page checkouts still exist in this day and age.  The shorter your payment process is, the more likely the customer is to press your ‘order’ button.
3. Consider a one-click option
Contactless and mobile payments are growing in popularity. Why? Because they’re quick and easy! You may consider upgrading your card terminal to ensure a faster checkout process and shorter queues at the till point.
4. Simplify your forms
The longer your online forms are; the less likely customers will provide their personal details. Only ask for the most pertinent information, and take advantage of Google’s auto fill feature for even faster checkout possibilities.
5. Remove distracting navigation options
When it comes to accepting card payments, you want to make sure that your customers remain on the page and do not get distracted. Remove the header and footer, and keep customers on the checkout page.
6. Add a progress bar
Letting the customer know the roadmap for the checkout process before asking for card details instils the confidence in them that the process will be smooth.
7. Offer more payment options
Debit and Credit cards, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, the wider you make your payment net, the wider your customer reach will be.
8. Be clear
Be crystal clear on your payment and shipping options.  Make sure the customer has easy access to your returns policies and can contact you quickly.  A well-organised company speaks volumes to a potential customer and will instil the confidence they need to make that online order or purchase.