How your business can start accepting contactless card payments

September 23, 2015

You have no doubt heard the recent buzz surrounding the popularity of contactless card payments. With the recent release of Apple Pay and the contactless spending limited raised from £20 – £30, this revolutionary payment method is continuously growing within the marketplace. It will soon become the UK standard for completing a purchase at the checkout as from January 2016, all new deployments of card terminals will be contactless enabled.
Surveys suggest that fewer customers in this day and age are carrying cash on their person – the majority of transactions are completed using credit or debit cards. The UK Card Association have stated that 75% of all retails sales within the UK in 2015 to date have been made by cards.


There has never been a better time to begin to offer your customers the additional choice and convenience of finalising purchases with the help of their flexible friend. Reduce your checkout queues as well as your chances of losing a sale whilst simultaneously increasing the likelihood of achieving additional sales due to impulse purchasing. A contactless card machine could vastly increase your customer base and in turn, your sales.
Technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds therefore it is very easy to get left behind. Here are a few helpful tips, hints and the steps required in order for your business to begin accepting contactless card payments.

Step 1: A merchant account

The first step into accepting contactless card payments would be to create a merchant account. Your business will not be able to accept payments by card without one. This type of account is established under an agreement made between a merchant bank and you, the merchant.

Step 2: Choose your card machine

Contactless card terminals from Chip & PIN SolutionsThe next stage will be to choose the type of contactless device that is right for your business. As the leaders in the UK market for card machines and processing services, Chip & PIN Solutions can supply you with the perfect contactless or Wi-Fi card terminal tailored to your business requirements. All of our machines are pre-configured and setup at our Head Office, saving you time and energy once you receive the terminal.

Step 3: You’re ready to go!

Once you’ve received your pre-configured contactless card terminal all you will need to do is plug the device in to a local power point, a nearby phone line/internet connection and turn it on. If you’ve purchased your terminal from a company other than Chip & PIN Solutions then you may need to configure the terminal yourself (for this you will need to have your merchant number to hand).
Now that you are able to offer your consumers with contactless payments, it might be a good idea to promote this new customer benefit at the checkout. Store adverts and signage would help raise awareness and drive sales via the new payment method. Implementing employee training would also be valuable in order to ensure that customer service is delivered to the highest standard.

These three simple steps can enable your business to compete and flourish within the marketplace. Reduce time at the checkout, eradicate the chance of losing a sale due to shortage of cash and increase customer satisfaction.
By offering your customers with choice in regards to how they complete a purchase could prove to be the best business decision you’ll ever make.