Android Pay is Coming! Are You Ready For It?

April 19, 2016

What is Android Pay?

Android Pay is the android markets answer to a digital wallet service. Hot on the heels of Apple Pay, Google’s second attempt at a mobile payment service (the first being Google Wallet) is sure to take contactless transactions to the next level.
Due for its UK release within the next few months, Android Pay will allow customers to complete a purchase at the checkout by using their compatible Android device. Much like Apple Pay in regards to the Wallet app, Android users will have the option to add a credit/debit card, loyalty card or gift card to the pre-installed Android Pay app on their compatible device (pre-installed on newer devices, app is available in Google Play store for older models).
In order to use Android Pay users will not need to open an app. They can simply unlock and hover their compatible device over a contactless enabled card terminal to complete a purchase. This is the same for returning an item to the store – Android Pay can receive refunds too!
This direct competitor with Apple Pay has been created to replace the existing Google Wallet on all of the NFC enabled Android devices running Android 4.4 KitKat operating system and above. In order to provide a simple and seamless user experience, all information stored within Google Wallet should automatically transfer to the Android Pay app as well as those credit and debit cards saved and used within the Google Chrome web browser.

Android Pay


Android Pay allows you to keep track of your purchases making it effortless for users to detect any suspicious activity. A clear list of transactions will appear within the app which displays both the merchants name and purchase ID number.
So what security does Android Pay provide?

  • When you shop, Android Pay doesn’t actually send your account details to complete a purchase. Instead a virtual account number is generated to represent your bank account information.
  • Obviously losing your phone could be a big concern and could cause the user to frantically scramble around to cancel their credit and debit cards before potentially being used or stolen by an outside party. You need not worry with Android Pay. You can use the Android Pay Manager (which can be used externally via a web browser or separate Android device) to instantly lock your device from anywhere. You can even secure the app with a password or wipe it clean of your personal information via this tool.

It’s clear to see that from the numerous surveillance and safeguarding features implemented into Android Pay that security is paramount – As it should be when dealing with an individual’s finances.
Android Pay does not have an official UK release date as yet but there has been speculation towards a summer 2016 launch.