“Can I offer card payments to my customers even if my business is mobile?”

In this day and age, more and more customers expect to be able to pay for their goods via credit or debit card. Surveys suggest that fewer people are carrying cash on their person therefore it could be vital for a business to accept card payments.
But what if you have a mobile business? Not having a fixed business address can be tricky so how can you accept card payments if you’re not connected to a phone line or Wi-Fi? Here you will find how you can accept card payments whilst on the move and allowing you to expand your horizons.

Merchant Account

First things first. In order to being accepting card payments then you will require a merchant account. Without this integral function the funds from the customer will not be able to reach the retailers’ business bank account. The merchant account provides the connection between the two parties. A card payment service provider such as Chip & PIN Solutions can set-up your merchant account for you in-house and free of charge. Click here to find out more.
Mobile Card Machines

Mobile Card Machines

In order to take mobile payments on the move then you would require a Mobile Card Machine. This compact terminal comes complete with GPRS & GSM connectivity which will allow you to accept card payments anywhere within the UK and even abroad.
The terminals come complete with a UK roaming SIM Card which allows you to seamlessly connect to any of the major UK networks.  When you power your mobile terminal, it will dynamically select the strongest network available in your area. The SIM can also connect via GSM, which offers a stronger signal in certain areas where GPRS capacity may be limited.
These powerful tools are fast, secure and very reliable so you have peace of mind even when you find yourself situated within the most isolated of locations. These devices can also provide contactless payment to your customer base – this will allow your business to appear up-to-date and contemporary as you will also be able to accept further payment methods such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. You can find out more about Mobile Card Terminals here.

Accepting card payments even if your business is mobile

Smart Phone Apps & Devices

Should you already have a smart phone such as an iPhone then you will find a selection of various card payment apps on the App Store that will allow you to accept card payments whilst on the go. Alternatively you can purchase a standalone card reader device which can connect externally to your smart phone thus using your network signal to make a payment.


Now you know that the road to how your business can start accepting mobile card payments is a short one – It’s fast, simple and extremely secure. With a mobile card machine you can provide your customers with an additional way to complete their purchase plus never again will you lost a sale due to lack of cash on their person.