How Card Payments Sweetened Chocolate Brand OddFellows Business

September 7, 2016

The OddFellows chocolate Company case study and how card payments transformed their business

This inspirational story is a testament to all start-up businesses that with perseverance, passion in your product, vision and of course… the ability to accept card payments, that you can turn any dream or in this case cocoa beans into a business.
Founder, Emily Flanagan first concocted Oddfellows chocolate in her kitchen in 2010. The Willy Wonker venture began when Emily started making truffles and chocolates for family and friends in her spare time.

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Word soon got around about her delicious chocolate and unusual flavours that demand grew, and soon the business was over taking her whole house. Emily soon needed somewhere else to get creative with her chocolate and moved their head quarters to a modern building in Staffordshire.
Proud of experimenting with unusual chocolate flavours such as lemongrass, scorpion death chilli dark and aniseed. The OddFellows chocolate Company has grown considerably over the years into a successful family business.
The OddFellows Chocolate Company did not previously accept card payments, however got in touch with Chip & PIN Solutions when she heard about our competitive card payment rates.  She soon realised that accepting card payments was affordable and imperative to help her business grow as she mainly sells the chocolate at events across the country.
Emily discovered that by offering her customers the option to pay by card, she soon saw a dramatic increase in sales, mainly through impulse purchases.  As a result it improved the efficiency of her business as card payments offered an instant way of receiving payments and less cash handling.

Introducing card payments has 100% benefited my business. The sales of our chocolates at events have significantly increased since offering customers the option to pay with their cards.
Emily Flanagan, Founder, Oddfellows Chocolate Company

When we asked Emily if she would recommend our services to other businesses, she stated that she would have no hesitation in recommending Chip & PIN Solutions. She found the setup to be quick and easy and the customer service team were really helpful. This meant that had even more time to get creative with her chocolate!