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How omni-channel payments can help retailers meet growing customer demands

Modern payment options. The modern shopper has a wealth of payment methods available to them thanks to the multitude of shopping methods that are available. Online shopping has overtaken physical shopping, with payment wallets, cardless payments, and manual card transactions all available to the online buyer. Meanwhile, offline payments have also become more sophisticated. Where […]

Contactless payments are the present, not the future

Contactless payments are right here, right now. We are living in a digital age where people no longer carry cash or cheque books, and they expect to be able to make contactless payments wherever they go. But for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and SMEs, there is no time to waste. Contactless payments and payment […]

4 ways how omni-channel payments can benefit your business

4 ways how omni-channel payments can benefit your business. Today’s retail environment is a diverse and exciting place that spells limitless possibilities for the modern consumer. This means that the success of your business depends not just on your products, but also on the convenience and professionalism of the payment methods that you make available […]

Think after before: Rethinking the customer experience

Think after before: Rethinking the customer experience. Customer experience is changing. Consumer expectations of what constitutes a good after payment experience has changed. You only need look at the recent excitement around ASOS updating its returns policy to know that what happens after payment has been made is more important than ever. Being such a […]

Powering Kaufmann’s expansion through payments

Powering Kaufmann’s expansion through payments. Retailer Kaufmann now offers its customers a fully customised and integrated shopping and payment experience. Thanks to a pan European omni-channel payments solution and combined with Valitor’s support, Kaufmann can focus on its core business while expanding to new European markets. Danish fashion retailer Kaufmann operates multiple successful websites in […]

Will Brexit affect Valitor’s services?

Will Brexit affect Valitor’s services? There is still a lot of uncertainty around how the UK will leave the EU. With limited progress so far this year, the possibility of a Hard Brexit, in which the UK leaves the EU without formalising a withdrawal agreement, is becoming a more realistic outcome. Many business owners are […]

Why is PCI P2PE compliance important?

Why is PCI P2PE compliance important? P2PE (Point to Point encryption) is a secure way to process POS payments. The moment the card is swiped, the P2PE system converts information into a code that’s unreadable to the observer. This means the business taking the payment never holds customer card data in a format that could […]

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Omni-Channel Payment Processors and Reducing Overheads

The phrase ‘omni-channel’ is rapidly becoming a buzzword across the retail industry, and it’s not difficult to see why. Customers want to be able to buy goods and services at any time, any place and through any method they have available to them. As such, retailers need to respond to this by allowing for payment […]