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Small business owner accepting a credit card payment

The Benefits of Chip & Pin for Small Businesses

The necessity of chip & pin for small businesses. SMBs have a host of benefits to enjoy from adopting as wide a variety of payment methods as possible. Ultimately, any way you can serve the customer better is going to drive your sales and encourage your growth. If you’re a small business, installing a chip […]

How can SMBs achieve a better work-life balance?

How can SMBs achieve a better work-life balance? Running a business can be incredibly challenging. These challenges are only increased when the business is just getting off the ground or is making its first significant expansion. Therefore, many entrepreneurs or owners of SMBs find themselves continuously absorbed in the daily affairs of their business, and […]

5 tips for reaching your goals in 2019

5 handy tips to help achieve your 2019 goals. Now 2019 is finally upon us, it’s natural to start thinking about how you can thrive in new ways. As personal and service-based technologies advance, there are so many easy changes you can implement which will automate your menial tasks, enhance your experiences and empower you […]

person paying for coffee using mobile phone payment on a contactless terminal

3 payment processing trends to look out for in 2019

3 payment processing trends to look out for in 2019. With consumers opting for faster, safer, and frictionless payment services, it’s evident that cash may soon have to renounce its defeat in popularity. The shift from traditional payment methods to cashless payments is taking off as more businesses are handling less cash today. Just like […]

Hurst’s Bakery Kneads Card Payments

Hurst’s Bakery Kneads Card Payments Valitor is Craft Bakers Association preferred card payment supplier. This case study highlights how we have improved the efficiency of one member’s bakery, simply by introducing card payments to their business. Hurst’s Bakery has been a successful baker, serving the people of Birkenhead & the Wirral with fresh bakery products for over 100 years. Established […]