Chip & PIN Solutions and our Partnership with the NMTF

August 7, 2013

Many of our customers are already aware of our partnership with the National Market Traders’ Federation (NMTF). But can you believe it’s been eight years since we began our association? As well as being one of the UK’s leading providers of chip and PIN card machines and virtual terminals, we are proud to be partnered with this prestigious federation.

Who are the NMTF?

The NMTF have nearly 115 years’ experience of representing market traders all across the country. They represent around 80% of working traders and oversee any issues their members have.
They take great steps to ensure the industry is sustained and offer a wide range of benefits, including insurance and breakdown cover, as well as providing help and support when it’s needed.
Have a look at our client page for more details on the NMTF.

Why choose Chip & PIN Solutions?

Chip and PIN machines are now the preferred method of payment for many customers. As a result, Market Traders are beginning to see the benefits of using card terminals. With mobile machines making trading outdoors or on the road easier, making the switch provides the opportunity to increase sales.
The NMTF were keen for market traders to begin using chip and PIN terminals, so in 2005 the organisation turned to us to help them get started.
Our customer service is second to none in the industry and we are so pleased to have been an active partner of the NMTF for all these years. With the federation’s experience in representing market traders and our expertise in helping customers make the switch to chip and PIN machines at affordable rates, our partnership ensures the industry continues to grow and stay in business.

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