5 Top Tips For Converting Customers This Christmas

December 5, 2017

December is upon us, and hordes of shoppers are taking over the internet and high street as Christmas shopping season begins.  As a business owner, your concern is making sure that customers don’t just browse your shop or website for ideas before making their purchases elsewhere.  Here are five top tips for ensuring you convert those customers into actual sales this Christmas.

1. Shopping should be fun

When you work in retail, it’s easy to forget that shopping is meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for customers.  A large part of making shopping more fun is simply giving your customers the freedom and space to explore, play, and compare items in their own time.  Make your shopping space pleasant and easy to navigate.  Capitalise this festive season by adding a little Christmas spirit to your shop, tweak the design of your website slightly, play Christmas music in the shop, and don’t be afraid to decorate!

2. Never underestimate the power of great customer service

Whether your shop floor can be measured in square footage or server space, top customer service can make or break a sale. Friendly and knowledgeable staff increases customer trust and provides customers the reassurance they need to make a purchase. If your staff are not very knowledgeable about your products and services, many customers will go elsewhere for better advice, taking their money with them.

3. Schedule your staff effectively

Proper staff scheduling is about more than just making sure you’ve got the right number of staff on the shop floor at any one time. Making sure there is enough staff around to answer queries and provide assistance is important, but so is getting staff to the tills to reduce queuing time and allow purchases to be made.

4. Make checking out easy

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to make the checkout process as easy as possible to make sure all your customers actually follow through on their purchases.  If you’re able to, investing in the latest card payment technology can be a huge benefit to your business.  Mobile payment methods, such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and contactless card terminals, can all make paying a much quicker process for customers.
5. Best the festive rush and make sure your orders arrive on time
If you are an online business make sure you keep an eye on the last posting dates so your orders actually arrive by the 25th December. In the UK the last posting day for all letters, parcels and registered post for Second Class delivery is Wednesday 20th December.  For First Class mail, it’s Thursday 21st December. Given the Royal Mail bag triples at Christmas, don’t delay in sending your orders, otherwise, your customers may not return next Christmas!