Electronics retailer powers substantial growth with new Omni-Channel Gateway.

Powered by payment expert Valitor A/S in Copenhagen, sustainable electronics retailer Blue City is updating all of its systems to further build customer trust and support their rapid growth across online and in-store solutions. Starting today, Blue City introduces a new omnichannel gateway across nine stores in two countries. These efforts allow them to create full product transparency, to connect online and in-store transactions and to reduce manual processes.

Doubling its online sales in 2019 and with an expected annual sales increase of 40 percent, sustainable electronics retailer Blue City recently teamed up with the Danish Omni-Channel payment expert Valitor A/S.

We needed a system that links our in-store and online payments, so that our customer service can better support our offline customers. Together with Valitor, we tested a solution with stand-alone payment terminals combined with Valitor’s omnichannel gateway linked to our custom POS, and that turned out to be a great success,” says Mikael Belstrup, CTO of Blue City, adding:

We’re rolling out this project across all of our stores in Denmark and Sweden, and we will continue our expansion into Germany and Austria later this year. In the near term, we will also implement the payment gateway on our web shops and link our CRM system to our back-end data and terminals which will make us even more efficient and enhance our customer service.

Time savings powers growth.

According to Mikael Belstrup, Blue City can quickly develop its business on a sprint basis by defining two-week projects and action points.

We have chosen to divide implementations into sprints, defining action points, requirements, review processes; take the decision and then we move on to the next sprint. This method works for us and Valitor has supported us from the very beginning,” says Mikael Belstrup and continues:

In implementing Valitors Omni gateway, we envisage that we will save a lot of time and resources by automating the reconciliation process. In fact, relieving ourselves of this mundane task greatly benefits both our digital and financial departments as well as our customer service. In fact, saving time is much more important than making money at this point. For example, in our online department we do not spend any time on small projects. Period. As we look ahead, we will spend time on important projects, looking for intelligent solutions that will boost our business and accelerate our sales efforts.

Designing a future-ready business.

Inspired by sustainable concepts from the United Kingdom and the United States, the two Danes Søren Heilmann and Mikael Belstrup saw a gap in the market for buying and selling used electronics through a trusted retailer.

We wanted to design a future-ready business and that included building our own systems from scratch. Back then and today, we want to know all about our products to be able to continuously improve and nurture customer relationships and experiences across channels,” says Mikael Belstrup and adds:

Just a few years ago, used electronics were worthless for companies. That is very different today, however we still need to convince more people and businesses to buy and sell used electronics. This is the right thing to do, and it makes sense from a business perspective too. Luckily, many companies recognize that what we do is good for business and the environment.

Keeping track of all products.

Thanks to Valitor’s solution, Blue City can now keep track of all its products allowing them to better diagnose issues and automatically perform data wipe-outs prior to a sale. The retailer also registers all of their customers to offer personalised service regardless of the customer’s preferred channel.

We need to verify all of our products and their history to build trust and to grow our business. That is key in a healthy customer-retailer relationship and that is why we are developing our systems and implementing our new omnichannel gateway. Any employee must be able to service any type of customer based on their individual needs and preferences, whether online or in-store,” says Mikael Belstrup.

Improving customer service during expansion.

According to Bettina Thorkelin, Regional Director Nordics at Valitor, Blue City is a new star on the horizon that operates in the new intersection between sustainability and modern retail, with a bold agenda and growth plan. “We are excited to be a part of Blue City’s journey, helping them save time across online and in-store channels while also helping them enhance customer service and ensuring that they remain close with their customers on any channel,” says Bettina Thorkelin.

Blue City and Valitor project phases.

  1. In-store testing in Denmark and Sweden (completed)
  2. Direct integration between omnichannel gateway ERP systems (completed)
  3. Rollout across all stores (completed)
  4. Implement online payment solution in Germany
  5. Roll out online payment solution in Denmark and Sweden
  6. Initiate new money-transfer project