5 reasons card processing can help sole traders improve their business at events

June 27, 2016

Short-Term Hire Editorial – Exhibition Buyer’s Guide

If you are trading at an event, offering flexible ways for your customers to pay for goods and services is extremely important, especially with the growing consumer demand for mobile payments. Here are 5 reasons card processing can help sole traders improve their business.

1. Reduce the chance of lost custom

By simply accepting card payments, you’re opening your business to a wealth of new opportunities.

2. A more efficient business

As well as making life easier for your customers, card processing can also make life simpler for yourself as it offers an instant way of receiving payment and upselling.

3. Increased consumer trust

With credit and debit card processing so widely used, the simple sight of Visa and MasterCard logos can make a huge difference to the image of your business.

4. Reduce cash handling

By accepting card payments, you can help eliminate the administrative issues that are often associated with cash handling, such as miscalculations through human error.

5. Increase sales opportunity

One of the key benefits of credit cards is the flexibility that they offer consumers. For sole traders whose businesses offers a more expensive range of products and treatments, a failure to offer this flexibility could be a huge loss of business if customers do not have enough cash on them.

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