How Fryz reduced queuing times & saved money on their card processing costs by switching payments provider

March 10, 2017

Chip & PIN Solutions provide card payments services to numerous Fish & Chip Shops across the UK which is one of the reasons we have partnered with the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) to provide members with competitive rates and the latest technology.
Fryz is an award winning Fish & Chip takeaway at the Bretton Centre in Peterborough and is one of Chip & PIN Solutions customers. Husband and wife, Rob & Caroline opened the shop in 2006 and employ over 17 staff.
When it came to choosing a card payment solution for their business, Fryz were attracted to Chip & PIN Solutions because of the exclusive partnership
with The National Fish Friers Federation.

Fryz working with Chip & PIN Solutions

There were a number of payment options on the market available to Fryz but they were looking for a payments provider that they could trust with their card payment needs.
Fryz were at the end of their contract with their existing supplier and got in touch with Chip & PIN Solutions for a complimentary rate comparison.
We couldn’t agree favorable terms with our existing provider. We wanted to upgrade our existing single dial up terminal to achieve two broadband countertop enabled contactless terminals.“ – Robert Brownlee, Owner, Fryz
To Robert’s delight Chip & PIN Solutions were not only able to offer him an upgrade on what his previous supplier provided but also they were able to provide him significant savings on his previous contract and money towards his NFFF membership.
Now that we are not dialling up, we also have an option to make a further saving by disconnecting the dedicated telephone line that served the old terminal.” – Robert Brownlee, Owner, Fryz

Save money and queuing time

Robert stated that doubling the number of terminals from 1 to 2 has been revolutionary to his business and has not only improved his workflow but improved customer service through shorter queues and quick payment options such as contactless.
Even those transactions that are not contactless are still quicker because of the broadband connection.” – Robert Brownlee, Owner, Fryz
When we asked Robert if he would recommend Chip & PIN Solutions to fellow Fish Friers members, to our delight he stated that he would be extremely likely to suggest other members to get in touch.
Chip & PIN Solutions were an obvious choice for us when we needed a new partner for our card payments. We’ve saved money and we haven’t been disappointed.” – Robert Brownlee, Owner, Fryz
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