Caxton FX is maintaining its leading position in the UK travel market through partnering with Valitor to offer a resilient and agile service.

Caxton FX operates a pre-paid MasterCard program for retail and corporate customers purchasing in multiple currencies. Offering 15 currencies, the Caxton FX card eliminates the need for multiple card and exchange rate charges for the user.

Valitor is helping Caxton FX maintain its leading position in the UK travel market through offering an experienced and flexible solution and a strong technical, licensing and management team.

Flexible banking across Europe.

Our European Banking and UK EMI licenses offer Caxton FX a robust and flexible banking service that has pre-established operating procedures across Europe. This omits concerns about cross border financial transactions as the UK exits the European Union.

Caxton FX operates in a technical banking arena. To remain the market leader, Caxton needed to adapt its payments infrastructure. Our technical expertise has enabled Caxton to refine its product suite as the FX and pre-paid travel market expands. Valitor provides the banking and technical agility to augment the Caxton offer.

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