How Haxey Gate Inn improved cash flow and customer service.

May 27, 2020

Through onboarding with Valitor and using the A290 PAX terminal, Licensee of Haxey Gate Inn, Mark Mason, is able to confidently process card payments and ensure customer service levels are kept to a high standardWith improved cash flow within the business, Mark is able to put all his efforts into improving the business and give customers his full attention.

Established in 1720, Haxey Gate Inn is popular amongst locals and a favourite in its hometown of Doncaster.

The problem

Using the old card terminal, Mark was having to wait for an extended period of time for the takings to be transferred into his bank. For instance, the takings from weekend weren’t entering his bank until the following Thursday. This was an added worry for Mark, as he constantly had to keep on top of the pub’s finances and where the money was at any given time. In addition to this, transactions would take on average 15 seconds to be processed as it was a GRPS terminal and therefore had to connect to a satellite. This meant an added wait and frustration for both employees of Haxey Gate Inn and its customers when paying the bill.

The solution

In order to improve the cash flow within the business, and the speed of each transaction, Mark onboarded with Valitor following a recommendation from one of Haxey Gate Inn’s customers. Now using the A290 PAX terminal, Mark receives payment into his bank much faster, with Thursday’s takings in his bank before he wakes up on Monday. Transactions are also now almost instant as the PAX terminals are connected to Wi-Fi.

The result

As a result of using the PAX terminal, Haxey Gate Inn is able to provide a higher standard of service to its customers, thanks to Mark having more time to dedicate to building customer relations. Since onboarding with Valitor, Mark has been so satisfied with the terminals that he has recommended the terminals to six of his regular customers. As a result, they have all implemented Valitor into their businesses.

“The PAX payment terminals have sped up our serving time to customers copious amounts, especially on a Sunday, our busiest time of the week. It’s really easy to use, with all members of staff happy and confident in using them. It’s a huge relief to be able to focus on the business and the customers, as opposed to worrying about finances!”

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