How Holme Grown saved £1,000’s in card processing rates by switching to Chip & PIN Solutions

March 16, 2017

The Payn family have been growing tomatoes for 100 years in the Vingtaine of La Rocque. Over the years, the business has grown into a local retail outlet known as Holme Grown and now encompasses a range of services, and an onsite café serving delicious homemade food, where customers can sample their local produce.

The shift from cash to card payments
In terms of card payments, Holme Grown have always seen the benefits in accepting card payments.  Over the years, Operations Manager, Charlie Payne, has witnessed a huge shift from cash to card payments. As a result in offering flexible payment options, business turnover has significantly increased.
Accepting card payments, provides customers with payment choices other than cash.  By offering flexible payment methods, it should always guarantee a sale”. (Operations Manager, Charlie Payne, Holme Grown)

The importance in understanding your card payment solution
Holme Grown got in touch with Chip & PIN solutions, as they were not happy with their existing payment solution in place.  Although they had a fully integrated electronic point of sale system in place, they also had 7 countertop card machines that didn’t integrate with their till.  Effectively they were being charged hundreds of pounds per month for hardware that didn’t work and restricting the business to only accepting card payments at the till points.
Chip & PIN Solutions took the time to explain how the payments industry operates, and Holme Grown’s options to save money and improve the efficiency of their payments solution.
Charlie confirms, “Chip & PIN Solutions took the time to explain how the industry works and provided us with a solution that has streamlined our business in many ways.

Chip & PIN Solutions saved Holme Grown £1,000’s per year
Chip & PIN Solutions replaced the 7-countertop card terminals with their existing supplier to 2 mobile terminals.  This reduction in unused hardware immediately provided Holme Grown with a saving of £300 per month.  The hardware upgrade not only reduced costs but also improved the efficiency of their business by being able to accept card payments anywhere within the building.
We are now able to take payments over the phone, online and at pop up events which has significantly increased turnover of the business.” (Charlie Payn, Operations Manager, Holme Grown)

Reduced card-processing rates
As well as upgrading Holme Grown’s payment system, we also managed to provide a further saving of over £4,000 per year by changing their Merchant bank on the till systems.  This combined with the saving on the hardware has led to savings thousands per year.

Delivering customers a first class service
The Customer service at chip & PIN Solutions has exceeded our expectation.  Switching to Chip & PIN Solutions has improved our business in so many ways from updating our payment systems allowing us to accept mobile payments, saving us money through better rates and resolving issues where we had been mis-sold with a previous supplier.”  (Charlie Payn, Operations Manager at Holme Grown).

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