How does an Omni-Channel Payment solution simplify the payment process for retailers?

Growing businesses often focus on the customer experience when they design their e-commerce payments platform or an in-store POS service. Whilst this is a good move for obvious reasons, ensuring your customers are happy with your service can sometimes be tricky.

In order to improve your customer experience, retailers are required to make difficult technical structures and systems work together in harmony, which is never easy.

Omni-channel payment solutions might just be the answer to these problems. Rather than relying on different payment systems for in-store, online and sometimes via mobile, an Omni-Channel Payments platform would provide a single, seamless payment experience; no matter where the customer is in the world.

It would also take away the complexities surrounding issues such as compliance with local and international payment and security regulations. This would leave retailers free to focus on what they do best — delivering fantastic goods and services to their customers.

Omni-Channel security and benefits.

Our omni-channel payment solution has been designed with both the retailer and customer in mind. The system is incredibly easy to integrate from the retailer’s point of view.

Furthermore, it will bring unparalleled analytical opportunities: the use of secure tokenisation allows the customer to benefit from loyalty schemes and deals no matter how or where they choose to shop — safe in the knowledge that their payment is secure, and their information is being stored safely.

For the retailer, the ability to identify any single payment, no matter where it came from, across all areas of operation, allows a greater understanding of how customers are interacting with their business and of the effectiveness of their marketing and promotions.

Save money through Omni-Channel encryption.

The further benefits of this type of payment system are almost limitless – businesses will save money by relying on our omni-channel payment solution to encrypt payment details at the point of purchase, meaning that there’s no need to pay for costly bank-level encryption.

Additionally, the value to a business of automatic on-boarding of major credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard), as well as a vast number of local debit schemes (depending on the location being operated in), is that it causes far fewer hassles at the point of sale — improving the customer experience as well as the retailers.

Finally, when it comes to “cashing up”, all of the avenues of payment can be compiled into one reconciliation process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors by streamlining the often-complex process of totaling the full sums from each and every payment system in your business — from multiple branches (where applicable) too.

An Omni-Channel Payment system allows you to keep track of all these payments in one place. Take a look at our Omni-Channel Payment Solutions today.