How retailers can increase conversion rates for mobile commerce

Conversion is the bread and butter of eCommerce platforms. Without conversion, everything – your clever PPC campaign, your beautifully designed newsletter, your intuitive UX – has gone to waste. How can retailers improve their rates of conversion? Crucially Valitor’s answer to this question is very simple.

Give the customer a reason to purchase from you again 

It’s not good enough anymore to rely on a great product. The customer will likely have dozens of great products to choose from, so you need to stand out more than ever. What still matters more than ever to a customer is feeling valued but giving this experience when they’re using a variety of platforms and devices to interface with your business, as well as shopping in-store, means that it can be difficult to keep track of them, and offer them these loyalty rewards. Tokenisation might just be the answer. This is a security identifier that is attached to payment, no matter where it was made, and allows you as a retailer to see the full journey that your customer took to the point of purchase and to understand the sorts of products that they’re buying better. Then, in the case of basket abandonment, for example, it becomes a breeze to send a tempting discount code to their inbox, attracting them back to finalise their purchase.

Cater for all shapes and sizes 

Mobile is king, we’ve established that, but many retailers are finding that customers will browse or search for a product on their mobile device, before moving to a desktop to make the final purchase. While this might, therefore, make it tempting to focus all energy on the desktop experience, it actually means the opposite. By the time these customers’ reach the desktop, they’re already interested in your product or service; it’s on the mobile that you need to focus, to make the tempting and inviting look of your product, the smooth UX of your site and the responsive design of your platform to make that browsing and searching phase as breeze.


The final message is a short one – keep your mobile POS system simple. Make sure that a customer has all of the information they need at the right time, but is free of tempting distractions to navigate elsewhere on your site. The more opportunities you give them to go somewhere else, and the more reasons they have to get frustrated with your platform, the less likely they are to see their purchase through to completion.