How to pay using Apple Pay.

June 11, 2019

Apple Pay was unveiled by Apple back in 2014 as a solution for authenticating payments on multiple devices within Apple’s own ecosystem. Today, owners of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and other Apple products can use their device’s integrated near field communication (NFC) system to make contactless transactions.

But before these payments can be made, the transaction must be verified via the users’ PIN lock, Touch ID fingerprint or Face ID facial recognition. This adds an extra level of security that contactless payment cards currently lack.

Online payments

Apple Pay can also be used for online purchasing using the same security measures. Online transactions from supported apps/websites can be authenticated this way, meaning the MacBook and iMac systems can also incorporate the system.

And, more recently, Apple introduced Apple Pay Cash, enabling contacts to send peer-to-peer payments directly via iMessage, again using the security measures already mentioned. This is a feature that has yet to make an appearance outside of the US, however.

Getting set up

To set up Apple Pay on iOS you simply tap the + in Apple’s native Wallet app and use the viewfinder to scan your card (or enter the details manually). In some cases, you may have to enter a one-time code at this point for security. Once you have completed this process, your Wallet app will have a virtual version of your card.

If you are already set up on an iPhone or iPad, then you can simply add the same card to your Apple Watch. You simply need to open the Wallet app on the device connected to your Apple Watch and add them to the watch. You’ll need to enter the relevant CVV number from your payment card and complete any other verification steps that your bank requires. Once accepted, your Apple Watch will be ready to use.

Paying with Apple Pay

To make a contactless payment, simply hold your iPhone near supported card machines and authenticate the payment with Touch or Face ID (or PIN). With an Apple Watch, simply double tap the side key and hold your watch against the terminal. You can also use Apple Pay for app and online payments by selecting the appropriate option and following the steps.

Apple Pay and similar models are rising in popularity and are expected to generate as much as 190 billion USD in transaction value in the USA alone by 2021. There are currently 127 million Apple Pay users worldwide, and that number is certain to increase as the technology becomes more popular.