Irisia Jewellery case study.

November 19, 2019

Through using the PAX A920 mobile payment terminal, artist and creator, Patrick Naish, has been able to accept various payment methods since implementing the terminal earlier this year. As such, Valitor has helped Patrick’s business, Irisia Jewellery, to offer a professional customer service.

Patrick’s jewellery is inspired by the Peak District, the border of which is close to his north Staffordshire studio. Patrick has been interested in art since he was a teenager, but began following his creative passion for making jewellery a few years ago. Patrick depends on Valitor to successfully run the Irisia Jewellery, which sells original handmade jewellery to customers across a number of markets.

The problem

With his previous card terminal, Patrick experienced Wi-Fi connectivity issues when selling his jewellery at the stalls. This was frustrating for him, as this was time consuming and made his business look unprofessional. On some occasions, Patrick even had to physically leave his stall in order to get a connection, which was tedious for both him and his customers. He knew that he could not continue using his previous card terminal, which over time became more of a hindrance than a help to his business.

The solution

To vastly improve Patrick’s Wi-Fi connectivity, and provide a reliable payment terminal, Valitor offered him one of its latest PAX terminals, the PAX A920 mobile payment terminal. With mobile connectivity and a 5-inch colour touch screen, the terminal gives professional service and also looks sophisticated to Irisia Jewellery’s customers. Patrick also knew that he wanted a terminal that provided customer receipts, and had noticed that many competitor terminals lacked this feature.

The result

As a result of using this PAX machine, customers at Irisia Jewellery can now make simple card payments, whether they are at a rural market stall, or in a busy conference centre. With reliable multiple connectivity on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Valitor PAX terminal gave Patrick reassurance that he could focus on customer service, as opposed to worrying about difficult or unsuccessful card payments. Soon, Patrick will be able to download helpful apps to the terminal, thanks to Valitor’s Terminal Management System, Market Place. This will further customise the experience he and his customers get when using the terminal.


“The payment terminal makes me feel trendy. It’s attractive and sleek, and looks professional to my customers. It’s also really simple to use, so I could get started using it from the get-go. Let’s just say, being able to focus now on making the jewellery, rather than worrying about issues with card payments, is a big relief!”

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