Littlepay and Valitor: Rolling out contactless public transport payments across continental Europe.

June 10, 2020

Simple-to-use technology and instant onboarding

Transit-focused PSP (Payment Service Provider), Littlepay, partnered with Valitor to roll out contactless EMV payments for public transport operators across Europe.

Valitor’s simple-to-use technology and instant onboarding helped them to focus on customer service and increase their expansion across the continent.

Littlepay has come a long way in four short years. This fast-rising payment gateway has been busy transforming the public transit industry with its compelling alternative to cash payments. After noticing how TFL’s proprietary contactless EMV scheme had become a customer-delighting payment channel, the company created a solution that was simpler and faster to implement. Riding alongside from the get-go, Valitor has helped Littlepay navigate the road to international success.

Littlepay developed a modular platform that was cloud-native for scalability, and API-based for flexibility. It can plug-and-play with a range of readers and fare engines. Once set up, its technology allows passengers to pay for journeys by simply tapping their contactless bank card or digital wallet onto a card reader. The system has already made huge strides towards improving the travel experiences of thousands of people across the continent. With its simple to integrate arrangement, the alternative mass transit transaction (MTT) model can be deployed within weeks, with no upfront capital commitment and no vendor lock-in. As previous contactless travel involved designing and building bespoke systems that were costly and resistant to changes in operational requirements; Littlepay has quietly revolutionised the industry.

Ready. Steady. Go-ahead

However, this game-changing proposition may never have come to fruition without Valitor’s unrivalled experience in working with some of the world’s largest payment service providers (PSP). Thea Fisher, Head of Commercial at Littlepay, explains further; “Valitor recognised the strength of Littlepay’s proposition as a fledgling startup and took a risk in supporting us, becoming our first acquiring partner. Their indispensable industry knowledge and assistance played a key role in our successful launch strategy.”

This budding business friendship became the catalyst for securing Littlepay’s first pilot, which in turn led to a roll-out incorporating over 2,000 Go-Ahead buses in the UK. According to Thea, this fired the company out of the starting gate; “With one of the top five bus operators in the UK using Littlepay, we had our first proven business case under our belts and a springboard for the international growth that followed.”

A technology-driven partnership

Littlepay required a partner who not only had a partner focused mindset but a technology platform too. Valitor fitted this bill perfectly. Its ability to incorporate the functions of payment processors, payment gateways, and capacity to handle Littlepay’s large volume of transactions allowed for a quick integration process. Valitor’s technology proved especially useful with this and further enhanced Littlepay’s growth. Having been developed over several years of working with industry leaders, Valitor’s technology provided a powerful, resilient experience that integrated seamlessly with Littlepay’s tech.

Littlepay knew that getting customers on to the system quickly and easily would be key to its success, and Valitor’s instant onboarding was just the ticket. “One of the key strengths of our ongoing relationship with Valitor has been its extremely efficient onboarding system.”, Thea enthuses. “It’s designed for scale and suits our business from a technical perspective.” This simple and easy to use process means customers can onboard themselves, allowing Littlepay to focus on taking its first-class customer service out into new territories. This has already helped Littlepay to attract high profile projects as far afield as Porto and Helsinki.

The road more travelled

To date, Valitor’s platform has helped Littlepay process over 120 million transactions; a figure that’s only set to rise as Littlepay’s contactless continental expedition marches on. “As we continue our expansion, Valitor will undoubtedly remain a valuable partner for us. Particularly in regions where its license as an acquiring bank and operational experience is established.”, Thea concludes. And with more than 100 operators already using Littlepay’s payment platform across 18,000 vehicles, the horizons do seem limitless.