Marketing ideas for SMEs to celebrate the Queen's birthday

May 17, 2018

The Queen’s birthday celebrations take place on the 9th of June. This year, this day will fall on a Saturday, one of the most profitable days of the week for retailers.
The event is recognised by customers not just nationwide but throughout the entire commonwealth and beyond. It attracts a large celebrity following as well.
For this reason, it is useful for SMEs to utilise the event as a marketing tool in order to maximise sales targets. Here are some ideas worth considering when planning a marketing campaign based on the Queen’s birthday.

Graphic design

The campaign could use patriotic colours such as the red, white and blue of the Union Jack. Redecorating the store floor in these colours is an ideal tactic. The store floor can also be used to showcase graphic art designed to both celebrate the day and highlight store items on sale. Here are some information guidelines on using the Union Jack for branding: []


Using the big day as an opportunity for discounts is a good strategy for both repeat and new customers. Modern shoppers often check sites specialising in informing the public of discounts in shops, and this will give you added publicity without having to pay extra.

Video ads

Buying ad space on YouTube or television has the potential to vastly increase brand awareness nationally. Sometimes the ratio of expenditure to returns for SMEs is not viable. Every company is different, so if a video campaign is right for you it is well worth creating one. Here’s some advice for beginners.

Online retail

The campaign does not have to focus so heavily on high street shopping. Customers are increasingly choosing to shop online instead. It gives them a convenient alternative that is fast becoming the dominant form of transaction. For this reason, a marketing campaign should extend to the company website, where the majority of customers will be looking for deals. One issue with hosting an online store is the potential for inefficient payment services. Therefore, all stores must make sure they keep up to date with the latest online payment technologies.

Add a special message to your 
POS receipts

If you already accept card payments, did you know that it is possible for POS terminals to print custom messages on receipts? Why not take advantage of this by wishing the Queen a happy birthday and perhaps combine with an offer while you’re at it?