Why marketing is so important for your small business 

July 3, 2018

A solid, consistent and effective marketing strategy is vital to the success of any fledgling business. From social media to video advertising to consistent branding, there are many different elements to consider when dreaming up an effective, multi-channel marketing strategy. The following points and tips are designed to help you understand why marketing is so important for small businesses and to positively influence any future marketing strategies you may come up with:

1. Marketing is one of the primary ways customers will learn about the business

For the owner, managers, and employees of any given business, the company’s core purpose may seem so blindingly obvious it may not be worth disseminating via marketing collateral. However, prospective customers and clients often rely on posters, social media posts, and adverts to tell them everything they would want to know before pushing any of their hard-earned money into a business. As this Forbes article succinctly puts it, print collateral is especially critical in this regard, offering customers a document that ‘feels important.’
Make sure you include vital information in your posts and materials that may entice or reassure customers. For example, do you offer any discounts? Do you accept contactless card payments? And do you offer any extra services beyond your primary one?

2. Marketing is a relatively inexpensive way to get your name out there

According to recent survey data, the average yearly advertising and marketing spend by small businesses will be around 16% of available resources for this year. Although the percentage has risen, this is still relatively cheap considering the return on investment that a solid marketing strategy is likely to generate. In part, this is due to the low cost and availability of social media platforms and their extensive reach. Make sure you have a top-notch digital marketer on board and strengthen your strategy in the upcoming months.

3. Marketing enhances customer engagement

Customer engagement is vital to the running of a healthy and successful business, particularly in today’s ‘always-on’ society. Keep current and potential customers engaged by feeding them informative and interesting content at all hours of the day. This great guidance kit from co-schedule should help you understand when and why you should be posting things, breaking information into variables such as social media platform and country.
Once you’ve decided on your best posting times, there are some great apps you can use to facilitate the scheduling and posting of content such as Hootsuite or Twitter Deck. It’ll seem as if you and your team are awake and engaged at all hours of the night!