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Coronavirus: Best practices for business owners

The Coronavirus pandemic is already causing issues for many small and large businesses across the UK. From staff leave to a more regimented cleaning schedule, there are many things for businesses to navigate. With COVID-19 changing the way we live and work for the next […]


How do retailers prepare for wearable payments?

As wearable payments are becoming increasingly important, retailers must consider the implications of this technology. But how does the wearable payment landscape look like right now? The growth of contactless card usage as well as the slow, steady rise of mobile wallets such as Apple […]


5 digital trends to watch in the hospitality industry

Hospitality is changing every day. As we embrace newer and more advanced technologies, the way we shop, book holidays and do just about everything else has changed. With digital now ruling supreme over just about every aspect of our lives, it’s no surprise that hospitality […]

Tip jar

Do your customers like tipping?

While we may not be quite as big on the tipping culture as other countries, such as the USA, there’s no doubt that tipping has become ingrained in our ‘dining out’ experience. UK consumers use tipping to show their approval of their experience with you […]


Leamington Really Awesome Coffee case study

Valitor has enabled Leamington Really Awesome Coffee to offer a professional customer experience. Through using Valitor’s card terminals and PAX, managing director, Tom, has been able to accept a range of payment methods since the start of his business eight months ago. Operating in the […]


Irisia Jewellery case study

Through using the PAX A920 Mobile Payment Terminal, artist and creator, Patrick Naish, has been able to accept various payment methods since implementing the terminal earlier this year. As such, Valitor has helped Patrick’s business, Irisia Jewellery, to offer a professional customer service. Patrick’s jewellery […]


Are customer returns the root of all evil?

The After Payment Emotional Experience (APEX) of customers is influenced by a lot of things, including marketing, returns, refunds, and complaints. The research outlined in the Valitor APEX report shows that when it comes to returns, many retailers believe that they provide favourable terms and conditions, with […]


The perfect recipe for easy payments

Operating across 11 branches in Dumfries and Galloway, Marchbank Bakers has built up credibility and a loyal customer base over their 61-year history. As a trusted local bakery, Marchbank listened to customers, and wanted the business to evolve with their needs. Marchbank recently introduced card […]