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Which card machine is right for your business?

Experts predict that by 2027, only 16% of all payment transactions will be with cash. With cash transactions on the [Read more...]

Report: Bad retailers get 1.65 chances

The average customer will give a retailer 1.65 chances to deliver a great customer experience. Our new report also shows [Read more...]

Three ways your SME should advertise your new card machines

For any SME, it’s important to show your customers that you accept a range of payment types. With over half [Read more...]

Why are post payments ruining the overall shopping experience for your shoppers?

It’s easy to imagine that once a transaction is complete, focus on customer service can fall away. In an age [Read more...]

Marchbank Bakers case study

With over sixty years of history as a trusted local bakery, Marchbank wanted to evolve its service to ensure it [Read more...]

The security of contactless payments: What to tell your customer

Many shops offer contactless payments, and customers are quickly responding to this new trend. Given that contactless payments are fast [Read more...]

The Flower House values Valitor’s can-do attitude and excellent service

The Flower House Cheshire is a boutique florist and gift shop that takes 80% of its sales through card payment. [Read more...]

What can retailers do to ensure customers are satisfied during the post-payment experience?

Massive amounts of money are channelled into attracting new customers to both online and bricks and mortar retail outlets. Yet [Read more...]

Taking payments in a gig-economy world

The world of business has loosened up in recent years, losing its rigid format. No longer does a person need [Read more...]

What are conversion rates and can e-commerce platforms increase them?

Not everyone who visits your e-commerce website will buy from you. While this is to be expected, one of the [Read more...]

Why SMEs benefit ‘massively’ from contactless payments

A recent study has declared that SMEs benefit ‘massively’ from accepting cashless payments from customers. According to the research, which [Read more...]

How embracing technology can help your hospitality business

Trying to get a foot hold – a toe hold, even – in the hospitality business can be hair-raising, scary [Read more...]