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Blog, news, research & reports.

Blog, news, research & reports.

Here you can follow the latest payment commentary, Valitor news and access our research and reports. We would love you to join the conversation on our social channels. Alternatively, please click here to view our case studies.


Marchbank Bakers case study

With over sixty years of history as a trusted local bakery, Marchbank wanted to evolve its service to ensure it met the needs of its loyal customers. Listening carefully to feedback, Marchbank decided to transition to accepting card payments and Valitor has enabled them  to […]


Taking payments in a gig-economy world

The world of business has loosened up in recent years, losing its rigid format. No longer does a person need to have a company name, registered head office, or even have fixed office premises in order to run their business. Often, contractors can work from […]

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Why SMEs benefit ‘massively’ from contactless payments

A recent study has declared that SMEs benefit ‘massively’ from accepting cashless payments from customers. According to the research, which was carried out by e-commerce giant ECC Köln, more than half of the businesses surveyed (53%) stated that they have seen ‘positive improvements’ since embracing […]


Valitor’s new A920 card terminal

If you’re looking for an intelligent payment solution for your business, the PAX A920 Android Mobile Terminal may be the answer. The hand-held terminal helps payments to be made more quickly and efficiently, offering both businesses and customers a secure payment option. So, what exactly […]


How biometrics will be the future for online payments

Biometrical data is becoming an increasingly frequent way to log into phones and tablets, due to it being quick and unique to each person. What’s more, with the popularity of cashless payments exploding in the last couple of years thanks to contactless, a need for […]