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How Valitor has helped Really Awesome Coffee expand their franchise business​ across the UK

We would like to introduce you to one of our fantastic customers. Really Awesome Coffee. Really Awesome Coffee runs a network of [Read more...]

Contactless payments are the present, not the future

A digital age We are living in a digital age where people no longer carry cash or cheque books, and [Read more...]

How many contactless payments can you make in a day?

As with any new technology, when contactless readers and card payments came out there were many who were sceptical about [Read more...]

How do card machines work?

Bank cards are ever growing as a method of payment in the UK and it is predicted that by 2026, [Read more...]

How Valitor helped to grow Kenna Plumbing’s business and improve efficiency with the right payment technology

How to grow your business with the right payment technology For an owner of a small business, achieving a healthy [Read more...]

Four eCommerce laws SMB’s might not know about

When it comes to running your e-store, there is a lot to remember. You have to work a lot of [Read more...]

Does your small business need a card machine?

If you have recently launched your own business, you may think purchasing a card terminal is a low priority expense. [Read more...]

Valitor welcomes Apple Pay to Iceland

As of today, customers of Arion Bank and Landsbanki can make payments with Apple Pay Valitor has in collaboration with [Read more...]

Why Bridgewater turned to Valitor for an unbeatable combination of service and price

“Since implementing Valitor’s payment solution, Bridgewater Menswear has seen significant operational savings on every transaction made in store, while customer [Read more...]

Will Brexit affect Valitor’s services?

There is still a lot of uncertainty around how the UK will leave the EU. With limited progress so far [Read more...]

Why is PCI P2PE compliance important?

P2PE (Point to Point encryption) is a secure way to process POS payments. The moment the card is swiped, the [Read more...]

What’s the difference between iPOS and ePOS?

If you’re new to the world of taking card payments, then there’s a lot of terminology to get to grips [Read more...]