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Powering online payments: Valitor’s best practices for mobile payments in 2019

Studies show that mobile payments could account for nearly 70% of the eCommerce market by 2021. This adds fuel to the [Read more...]

What’s the best type of card machine for my business?

The starting point for deciding on the best type of card machine is to work out exactly what your business [Read more...]

What’s a virtual terminal?

The future of chip & PIN technology centres around two main goals in payment processing: to be faster and to [Read more...]

What happens if my chip & PIN card machine loses signal?

In 2016, payments made by chip & PIN cards overtook payments made by cash, showing that it is vital for [Read more...]

How retailers can increase conversion rates for mobile commerce

Conversion is the bread and butter of eCommerce platforms. Without conversion, everything – your clever PPC campaign, your beautifully designed [Read more...]

The benefits of chip & PIN for small businesses

SMBs have a host of benefits to enjoy from adopting as wide a variety of payment methods as possible. Ultimately, [Read more...]

Increasing basket conversion: How to stop online shoppers abandoning their basket

The average shopping cart abandonment rate, according to Statista, is 69.1% across various niches. How can you boost your site’s [Read more...]

How can SMBs achieve a better work-life balance?

Running a business can be incredibly challenging. These challenges are only increased when the business is just getting off the [Read more...]

5 tips for reaching your goals in 2019

Now 2019 is finally upon us, it’s natural to start thinking about how you can thrive in new ways. As [Read more...]

Predictions 2019: What does the coming year hold for how we’ll shop in stores?

How will retail change and develop in 2019? We hear from industry insiders and share their predictions for the year [Read more...]

3 payment processing trends to look out for in 2019

With consumers opting for faster, safer, and frictionless payment services, it’s evident that cash may soon have to renounce its [Read more...]

Warwickshire clothing relies on Valitor’s technology and quality of service to ensure customers can pay however they want

Card payments are absolutely essential to Warwickshire Clothing, and it isn’t about just being able to take cards as a [Read more...]