How SMEs can create the “daddy” of a marketing campaign this Father’s Day

May 29, 2018

Father’s Day (the 17th June) comes around quicker than most of us expect. It’s not just your chance to give your dad a great day, Father’s Day can be great for increasing sales too. Make sure your marketing is on point with these five simple tips.

1. Nail your emails

Our inboxes are always full of marketing emails to remind us to do something fun for our Dad in the run-up to Father’s Day, so it’s a pity most of them aren’t memorable. A knock-out subject heading will spam-proof your mailshots, so consider this carefully. Your emails should be personalised, concise, mobile-optimised and GDPR compliant.

2. Tried and tested wins the day

Having said that Fathers’ Day could be full of potential, even the most incredible marketing campaign will fail if the behind-the-scenes tech is out of action. Test the systems, the all-important links, widgets, pages and plug-ins that makes your website and social media tick until they’re watertight. Consumers won’t trust a product sold through a platform that’s not user-friendly or functioning correctly. Make sure your card payment technology is working properly and phone-lines are well staffed, too.

3. Create an event

Creating an event, like a competition can be an effective way of getting people to think about Father’s Day early. Generally, people don’t start browsing online Fathers’ Day gifts until a week before the big day. An event can stimulate interest early, and get people thinking about your brand in advance of the day.

4. Go multi-channel

If you’re not doing multi-channel marketing, you and your customers are missing out. The good news is that Father’s Day is a perfect time to set it up. Multi-channel marketing is when you use lots of different ways to connect with your customer base. That way, they can interact with the business in a way that’s best for them, be it by email, the website or social media.

5. Try something new

Attract new customers and impress old ones by implementing a new strategy. Could you tell a touching Father’s Day story in a video or on social media? Techniques like this are vital for building and spreading your brand.