How SMEs can stand out from the crowd

April 5, 2018

From quirky coffee shops and unique clothing brands to mobile vegan food trucks, it’s amazing to see new businesses opening and offering their customers something totally unique. With the rise of the independent business looking to continue, it’s important that your SME stands out from the crowd. Whether you do this through fun marketing campaigns, incredible packaging or amusing product names, it’s so important to be unique.
We’ve put together some interesting and easy ways you can make your SME stand out from the crowd.

Stay true to yourself

People buy from people and as a business owner, it’s more and more important for you to be the face of your company. By carefully looking at what’s special about you and your business and putting that at the centre of your message, you can show why you’re offering something unique. Share some interesting stories about your brand and inspirations, if you’re a food company, make sure you take some photos of your amazing creations – don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Chloe (a vegan restaurant based in New York) and Deliciously Ella are fantastic examples of companies that have used digital platforms to successfully raise the profile of their brand.

Be funny

Humour is a great way to grab your customers’ attention and pull in passers-by. American Express, who organise small business Saturday found that two-thirds of customers thought witty marketing helps attract new customers for small businesses and 54% of millennials would be more inclined to go into a shop with a funny chalkboard outside. Adding a little humour to your business is easy. The classic chalkboard pun is always popular, or you can try sharing funny posts relevant to your business on social media.

Be a force for good

As a business owner, you have a great platform for sharing what’s important to you. People are far more likely to engage with businesses they believe in, and for SMEs, a great way to show that you’re one of the good guys is through collaborating with charities and putting forward issues that are important to you and your business. Fashion brands like Michael Kors, Beulah London and Maje have all launched unique products to highlight issues and give back to charities that they care about. It’s also a great way to get some positive press coverage and reach new customers.

Embrace new technology

To make sure your customer has the best experience with your business, it’s important that you make purchasing your product or service as easy as possible. Allowing your customers to pay in the way that’s best for them, such as by taking card payments, contactless payments or mobile payments allows them the flexibility to use the technology they want.