The perfect recipe for easy payments.

November 15, 2019

Introducing card payments technology into the business

Operating across 11 branches in Dumfries and Galloway, Marchbank Bakers has built up credibility and a loyal customer base over their 61-year history. As a trusted local bakery, Marchbank listened to customers, and wanted the business to evolve with their needs.

Marchbank recently introduced card payments, using technology from Valitor, which has enabled them to meet the needs of their customers and improve the in-store experience. It’s been a win for both the customers, and for the business. Marchbank’s leadership team realised they were missing out on sales, restricted by cash-only payments. They understood that their customers did not necessarily carry cash around with them anymore. Now, Marchbank can guarantee simple and easy payments at the customer’s convenience.

In a short space of time, Marchbank have already noticed the many benefits of accepting card payments. Their customers’ visits to the bakery have been simplified, as have the experiences of staff across the 11 branches. The payments process has also sped up noticeably – especially during their busiest periods.

“Valitor have continually made this process really easy – from the initial set up right through to today,” states Harry Marchbank, Financial Manager at Marchbank Bakers.

With this modern update, Marchbank have future-proofed the business and kept in touch with the needs of their customers. Thinking ahead, they understood that the presence of safe and secure card payments is vital in order for the business to thrive, and to continue to provide excellent service.

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