Top tips on how to maximise sales this Mother's Day

March 6, 2018

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this is a great opportunity for retailers to prosper in the spring season as well as a day to celebrate mums across the UK.
Sales for Mother’s Day 2018 are expected to go through the roof, with an extra spend of as much as £5 billion compared to last year. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure your business is taking full advantage this year.
Here are some top tips for maximising your sales this Mother’s Day.

Save time for dads

Mother’s Day is a peak time for card sales, but many dads struggle to find time to choose a card for their own mothers, or on behalf of their kids. To get them in your doors, put a Mother’s Day display in your window, with the cards right by the door. Make your cards easy to browse and put some small gift ideas near the cards to encourage a little extra spending.

Save money for kids

A significant number of Mother’s Day cards are homemade. If you don’t sell cards or gifts, you could sell some of the tools and ideas to help children make their own creations for mum. You could even run a contest online, with the hashtag #MothersDay2018 on Twitter, to invite people to tell you why their mum is the best, with the winner getting one of your best-selling products.

Inspire mums

Mothers are often the keenest to find something interesting for their own mums. You need to make your most interesting products visible to passers-by, as window displays are the strongest influence on whether someone will come into your shop. Take advantage of social media too, retailers such as Pandora, The Body Shop, Interflora, Marks & Spencer, Etsy and Paperchase are great examples of brands that really embraced online marketing activities via email and social in 2017 #GotItFromHer #ChallengeTheFlorist #DOTreatMum.
Above all, make sure you are ready to take the boost in card payments for the period. If you have the capacity to take contactless card payments, you will increase the likelihood of making more sales. The average consumer enjoys the speed and convenience of contactless, so now would be a great time for you to get a contactless card machine in and take advantage of the convenience it offers to customers.  If you haven’t currently got the ability to accept card payments, perhaps this is something to consider in time for Father’s Day in June.