Top Tips On How To Set Up & Care For Your Bluetooth Terminal

January 16, 2018

Accepting card payments is a significant milestone in the growth of any business, as is the arrival of your new Bluetooth card terminal. But what happens next? This setup and maintenance guide has been designed to help you get to grips with your new kit and to get the most out of card processing.
Box contents 
Along with the Bluetooth terminal itself, you will find a number of important items:
• A Bluetooth base
• Power supply
• Cat 5 cable
• PSTN cable
• BT Dual splitter
The cables
The Cat 5 Ethernet cable is used to link the terminal to any internet access point, while the PSTN cable connects with a landline phone socket via the BT Dual splitter, which should be a dedicated line.
Setting up the terminal
The terminal will already be linked to the base station when you take it out of the box. It is important to remember that the base station has to be powered up constantly, as it needs to be able to send data to the bank. The terminal base should be powered through a mains socket, not an extension, and it is a good idea to ensure that the power source for the terminal is surge protected.
Connecting to the Internet

The cables should already be connected with the terminal when the device arrives, but if they are not, it is easy to fit the Ethernet cable in the base, next to the power cable connection, and then connected directly into your Internet router. To fit the PSTN cable, you need to take off the cover on the underside of the base and locate the port illustrated with a telephone icon and the word ‘IN’ and then directly into your dedicated phone via the BT Dual splitter.
Checking base connection
The screen of the terminal shows that the device is fully connected with a letter ‘B’ which should have a blue box around it. If a red or grey box surrounds the B, this means the terminal isn’t connected to its base. To solve this issue, simply power the base down, place the terminal on top of it and power down the terminal by pressing both the yellow and decimal point buttons simultaneously. When the base is powered up, the terminal will come back on.
If you follow these steps but the terminal doesn’t come on, this indicates that the base is not getting any power. Check that the power socket is working, and if necessary, get in touch with the provider of your terminal.
Checking Internet connection
The screen of the terminal displays three boxes in a pyramid shape. If the boxes are lit up green, then the terminal can connect with the Internet. If the boxes are shaded red, this means the device is not allowing the terminal to access the internet, while grey boxes indicate the terminal cannot recognise the Ethernet cable or that there is no device at the other end.
The biggest fault with Bluetooth terminals is lack of power to the base. Ensure that your device is fully powered up and make sure it has a dial tone when connecting to a landline connection.