Top tips on starting a pop-up business

March 29, 2018

A pop-up business can be a great move to make for a number of reasons. It can be a fantastic way to perform a test run of a new business concept, generate added awareness of your brand and introduce yourself to new customers. Here are some top tips to help you make a success of your pop-up business.

Choose the right location

Your budget is obviously a consideration when choosing the right place, but you mustn’t ignore your brand. You want lots of foot traffic in the area, but you want those people to be the right demographic for your products and your pricing. Explore the surrounding areas and neighbouring shops to see if they match your style. In America, a new scarf-selling brand called Sharmbaa partnered with the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC to have a pop-up store where both locals and tourists would shop.

Think of how you will take payments

To take cash payments, you are best off having a till or being particularly good at counting! A great option is to take out a short-term hire of a card machine – the costs involved are not huge, and the benefits are numerous. Without a card machine, even in a pop-up venture, you will lose out on many customers as it is increasingly rare for people to carry cash.

Start promoting early on

Ideally, you want to begin promoting your pop-up business at least three weeks ahead of opening. Use convenient online sources of promotion like Instagram and Facebook and think about taking out ads in the local press. There are companies that will specifically promote pop-up businesses.

Get your design right

Think about the layout and colour of your pop-up location and stay true to your brand. The positioning of products in your shop, for example, can have a significant impact – do a little studying about retail to learn some good practices. A menswear brand called Northern Grade opened a pop-up shop that reflected its brand with rustic items like tables, magnifying glasses and trunks – it felt like a bachelor pad straight out of the 1930s, and certainly made an impression with customers.

Don’t do it alone

If your pop-up business is a ticketed event, for example, use a ticket company. This takes away the headache of doing your own admin and makes your pop-up more visible. There are some great ticket companies out there to use.
Making a success of a pop-up business is a fantastic experience and can really benefit your other business ventures in the long run. Take these tips into account as you go and do all your homework to give yourself the best chances of having a blast with your pop-up business.