Valitor launches new loyalty app on PAX A920 terminal.

November 23, 2020

Drive customers’ spend, loyalty and retention

Valitor today announced the launch of its new loyalty app ‘Nominate’ to overcome the challenge of traditional reward schemes with physical stamp cards that are frequently lost or forgotten. Designed in partnership with Payment Loyalty, ‘Nominate’ allows merchants to leverage their PAX A920 terminal to engage with their customers through customisable reward campaigns when they make a purchase using their card.

Thanks to COVID-19, we are now living in a world where contactless & mobile payments have become a necessity for SMBs’ survival. Consumers have also become much less tolerant of slow payment processes in-store & online. This present-day impatience of consumers combined with the fact that a stamp card does not meet COVID-19 hygiene standards means that traditional paper-based loyalty schemes are no longer fit for purpose. Also, in today’s climate, remembering a paper loyalty card is the last thing on your customer’s mind, especially with all the other in-store COVID-19 processes in place. So how are SMBS supposed to reward customers and show appreciation for their custom during this pandemic?

Nominate’ has been developed with COVID-19 in mind by allowing merchants to continue their loyalty schemes on a contactless basis without the need for the exchange of traditional paper stamp cards. Utilising the PAX A920, merchants can offer their customers a reward after a certain number of purchases on the same payment card. The value of these purchases and the reward are fully controlled by the merchant and can vary for different campaigns.

Using a secure online platform, merchants are in complete control of their reward offering to customers and can integrate branding such as their logo into a customised campaign. With real-time performance data, merchants can evaluate what is working for their business and change their campaigns accordingly. As ‘Nominate’ is part of Valitor’s POSitive app suite there are no setup costs and the fee is based on the redemption of the rewards.

Dr. Christine Bailey, Managing Director of Valitor’s SMB Business in the UK & Ireland commented on recent research conducted with RFi:

“26% of merchants put ‘loyalty program integration with terminals’ in their top 3 requirements. We are excited to introduce a new loyalty solution to our customers that eliminates the challenges associated with traditional loyalty/reward schemes. The solution makes life simpler for merchants plus customers are no longer required to go through slow sign-up processes or remember to carry reward cards. The businesses we see succeeding in today’s challenging climate are those who are taking the time to develop meaningful relationships with their customers.”

Tom Holt, from Payment Loyalty, said:

“Thanks to COVID-19, we are now living in a world where contactless and mobile payments have gone from novel to normal overnight. Customers now expect seamless interactions offered by 1-click online checkouts and are less tolerant of slow/clunky processes in-store or online.

By positioning the payment terminal as the customer touchpoint for tracking and rewarding loyalty, merchants no longer need to provide separate loyalty cards or task staff with driving schemes. Instead, customers are engaged with intuitive and well-understood stamp-card style campaigns each time they pay.”

About Valitor

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