What’s the best card machine for your small business?

June 21, 2018

Card machines come in a range of shapes and sizes, to suit various needs. So, what’s the best card machine for a small business and why should you have one?
If your business doesn’t currently accept card payments, you’re missing out on a big slice of the pie. The total value of card payments in the UK is set to reach £942 billion by 2026 and 96% of the country’s adults currently own a credit card.

68% of millennials claim they have wanted – but have been unable to – purchase from a shop because it only accepted cash. All of these figures should be demonstrating the need for you to branch out when it comes to payment methods.

So what is the best card machine for a small business?

Countertop card machines

The most common form of card machine, countertop payment devices allow you to quickly and easily take payment from customers at the till. Most countertop card machines now incorporate contactless technology, ensuring you can reduce the time your customers spend waiting in line to pay. Countertop card machines are suitable for most businesses with a physical presence, such as restaurants, cafes and hotels.

Smartphone/mobile card machines

Mobile card machines are a portable option allowing you to accept payments on the move. This type of card machine is ideal for businesses which need to move between several different locations throughout the day, such as street vendors, pop up businesses, market traders, mobile caters, mobile service traders, mobile beauticians, and general mobile businesses.

Wireless card machines

Like mobile card machines, wireless payment devices are also designed to be used on a portable basis, however, their use tends to be restricted to a singular business premise. This is because they operate using a phone or Bluetooth connection – some can work up to 50 metres away from their base unit. Wireless card machines are best suited to hospitality businesses, such as cafes and restaurants, where customers may prefer to pay at their table, rather than at the counter.

Virtual terminals

Virtual terminals are often utilised in businesses which need to take card payments over the phone, however, they can also come in handy in brick and mortar stores – especially in small businesses, which may not necessarily have the infrastructure to invest in a countertop card machine. Businesses with a virtual terminal can accept card payments wherever an internet connection is present.

Whatever the special requirements of your business, there’s a card payment option for you.