Which card machine is right for your business?

October 31, 2019

Experts predict that by 2027, only 16% of all payment transactions will be with cash. With cash transactions on the decline, card and mobile transactions are becoming the most popular form of payment as in 2018, debit cards overtook cash in their frequency of use for the first time. When considering these statistics, businesses who do not offer card transactions are setting themselves up for failure, but with multiple card terminals available it can be difficult to determine which card machine is right for different businesses. Below we explore different kinds of card machines to help you determine which terminal is right for your business…

Mobile card reader

This terminal is ideal for travelling merchants who require a machine that they can travel with or use in multiple locations. For example, a taxi driver or market stall owner would benefit from this terminal as they can be used from almost any UK location. View our mobile card machines.

Wi-Fi card machine

Like a mobile card reader, a Wi-Fi card terminal is portable but requires a Wi-Fi connection to work. It is ideal for restaurants and large businesses that wish to offer flexible payment points, rather than make their customers pay in one specific area. View our Wi-Fi machines.

Countertop terminal

Countertop terminals can receive card payments in one fixed location. This form of payment is favoured by high street shops, salons and other retailers who wish to have a designated payment area in their store and are unlikely to conduct business outside of their premises. View our countertop machines.

Bluetooth card machine

A Bluetooth card reader is similar to a Wi-Fi terminal, except, as the name suggests, it operates via Bluetooth and does not require a Wi-Fi connection. Using such a reader makes it more convenient for customers as the card terminal can be brought to them, even if there is no Wi-Fi connection, for them to make a payment.

Whether you are a restaurant owner or a market trader it is important you select the right card reader for your business to ensure you can provide the best customer service possible. Offering customers convenient and efficient payment options will ensure they have a positive impression of your business and wish to repeatedly use your services.