Why accepting card payments has been a real treat for NMTF member Flapping Jacks

August 29, 2017

NMTF member, Flapping Jacks Yummy Veggie Treats is a mobile catering business offering high quality vegetarian and vegan food. Previously, Flapping Jacks did not accept card payments, however chose Chip & PIN Solutions, following a recommendation from the NMTF.
Originally, Flapping Jacks only accepted cash payments; however with the growing expectations from customers requesting to pay for their purchases using card and mobile payments, introducing card payments had become a huge priority for the future growth and success of their business.

 Flipping Jacks

Flapping Jacks is fully mobile and serve customers across the South of England, from music festivals, country fairs, sporting events and dog shows. So when it comes to taking payments, they needed a mobile payment solution, which they could rely upon and accept card payments in the remotest of locations.
Colin Hughes, Managing director at Flapping Jacks Yummy VeggieTreats, confirmed that since accepting card payments, it’s not only improved cash flow but it has dramatically increased sales. Previously if customers did not have enough cash on them at the time of purchase, they would lose the business. Now, the customer can pay on card. Subsequently, the value per transaction has also increased through impulse purchases and up-selling.

We have made more sales because people only bring a limited amount of cash to events and when they realise they can pay with a card they are more likely to buy from us. People are very used to paying by card now but lots of traders don’t yet accept cards.
Colin Hughes, Managing Director, Flapping Jacks Yummy Veggie Treats

Following a recent card payment survey to NMTF members, 25% of the respondents stated that they still do not accept card payments. The top reason being that they simply not understand how it all works and therefore hadn’t taken the necessary steps to find out further details on the card payment process.
However, according to the UK Card Association, this growing trend in card and online payments is only expected to grow. The number of purchases using card has more than doubled in the past 10 years, mainly due to the introduction of contactless payments, online shopping and mobile banking apps. In a decade’s time, it is forecasted that half of all card transactions will be contactless and expected to increase to 3.7 billion transactions by 2026.

Flipping Jacks

Therefore, offering customers greater flexibility in their payment choices will be key to the sustainability for many businesses. Quite simply, limiting payment options to customers will potentially mean the loss of business to direct and indirect competitors, whether that is the food stall next to you, or a substitute such as an online/high street retailer.
Taking the time to find out about card payment technology has positively impacted 75% of the NMTF respondents. 58% of members, who accept card payments, stated that they have witnessed a 40% increase in takings since accepting card payments. Despite the fact that 57% of the respondents accept up to £500 per month in card sales, the spike in their takings has far outweighed the monthly cost of their terminal.

Colin Hughes stated that he would highly recommend Chip & PIN Solutions to fellow NMTF members.
Working with Chip & PIN Solutions has certainly increased our takings. I would highly recommend their services.
Colin Hughes, Managing Director, Flapping Jacks Yummy Veggie Treats

Members have access to card payment machines, merchant services and e-commerce packages with guaranteed discounts from NMTF membership with every purchase.
Joe Harrison, Chief Executive, National Market Traders Federation