Why retailers should think after… before? 

For both retailers and customers, a smooth and easy shopping experience is critical. When it comes to shopping, customers want or rather need to be treated right for them to want to shop in your store again. Good customer service goes beyond how you treat the customers while they are shopping. Retailers should put more effort into the after payment experience as they do everything else. After the customer has made their payment, their shopping experience does not end there – shipping, returns and refunds are very important services that determine whether customers return to the store.

As a retailer, providing a smooth retail experience will help your business grow exponentially, so how do you do that?

Consider omni-channel payment technology.

As the seller, try to provide the same experience for your shoppers as you would like to receive when shopping yourself. Acquiring omni-channel payment technology is an excellent way to start. This technology offers an integrated payment solution that incorporates tokenisation, reporting, reconciliation, as well as similar payment methods for all your sales channels and locations. This will ensure that all your customers, regardless of their location, get the best customer service possible.

Focus on the after payment emotional experience.

Recent statistics showed that approximately 40% of customers have trouble with complaints procedures. Another 42% complained of how hard it is to get a refund. Most retail stores pay little or no attention to their after payment emotional experience, and from the numbers, you can see how many customers they lose. Customers expect a lot more from retailers especially after making payments, so to get the exact opposite frustrates them. They blacklist retail stores with poor aftercare experience, and these stores make a lot of losses in the end.

Provide excellent aftercare.

If you don’t want to be on the losing end, make sure you provide excellent aftercare services to your customers. It will motivate your existing customers to keep coming back, and it will also attract new customers. Things like helping customers track their orders, replacing damaged items, giving refunds on time and following up on complaints make customers feel appreciated and valued.


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