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Frequently Asked Questions

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    • How do Chip & PIN card machines work?

      Our chip and pin card machines are securely logged on to a merchant bank account. Every time a card transaction takes place, the chip and pin card machine sends encrypted transaction data securely to the merchant bank, where the card transaction is then processed. Once the payment has been approved you should then receive the funds into your business bank account within 1-3 working days. Please refer to the merchant account Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

    • How do the mobile Chip & PIN card machines work?

      Instead of using phone lines to communicate, the mobile Chip & PIN card machine communicates to your merchant bank via a SIM card (GPRS/GSM data networks). This makes the Chip & PIN card machine extremely flexible in terms of where you take payment, so you can move about and accept cards just about anywhere – including Europe.

    • What happens if the Chip & PIN card machine loses signal?

      Our Chip & PIN card machines can store up to 5 transactions in memory in the unlikely event that you lose reception. When reception returns the Chip & PIN card machine will automatically upload the stored transactions and send them to your merchant bank or acquirer for processing. As a final back-up, you can have manual vouchers which you can complete with your customer and post to your merchant bank in a pre-paid envelope.

    • Who are the network providers?

      We currently work with a number of networks and Roaming SIMS. We have made it a point to work with the 4 largest SIM providers in the United Kingdom to ensure that you have the very best service.

    • Can your Chip & PIN card machines be used abroad?

      Yes. Our unique roaming set-up allows our card machines to roam in the vast majority of Europe. Please give us notice before leaving the country so that we can activate your card machine to be able to roam internationally. Please note that airtime charges for international roaming may differ (subject to terms and conditions).

    • Can your Chip & PIN card machine accept Euros?

      Yes. You will however, require a merchant bank account and one of our Chip & PIN card machines that can accept Euros. Please call one of our Sales Advisors on 0808 204 0342 for more details.

    • What is the transaction speed to complete a sale?

      This depends on which model you have. However, we have Chip & PIN card machines that can process transactions within 2 seconds.

    • What happens if the Chip & PIN card machine breaks down?

      It is very unusual for these Chip & PIN card machines to have any technical problems, but should a problem arise, you can contact our in-house, UK-based support team FREE on 0808 204 0342, where we offer full maintenance and support as well as a 24-hour swap-out service.

    • How long does the battery last?

      Our Chip & PIN card machines with a fully charged battery will process over 300 transactions or remain on standby for over a week. In-car chargers are available to help keep your Chip & PIN card machine active for longer periods when mains power may not be available.

    • How do I turn on my Chip and PIN card machine?

      You can turn the handset back on by pressing the bottom left button.

    • How do I turn off my Chip & PIN card machine?

      You can turn the handset off by pressing and holding the yellow button and the .,’ button (situated under the number 9).

    • How do I insert a new till roll?

      To insert a new till roll please ensure that the paper is fed from underneath the till roll.

    • How do I print a duplicate receipt?

      Press the ‘MENU’ or ‘F’ button 3 times, then press the ‘F4? button for a duplicate.

    • My card machine says ‘not ready’?

      If the handset is printing not ready this means that the handset was halfway through a download.

    • My card machine says ‘return to base’?

      If halfway through a transaction and the handset says return to base please place the handset on the base unit as it is likely the handset requires a download to continue processing transactions. To prevent this from happening it is advised to turn the handset on before trading hours so that the handset can self update.

    • My card machine says ‘Bad MAC?

      For a bad MAC please call 0808 204 0342.

    • What is a merchant account? Do I have to have one?

      You must have a merchant account should you wish to accept debit or credit card payments from your customers. A merchant account allows you to process credit and debit cards from your Chip & PIN card machine as your business account cannot offer this facility. A merchant account works as a link between your Chip & PIN card machine and your business account. When a payment is put through your Chip & PIN terminal, it is processed through the merchant account.

    • How long does it take to set up a merchant account?

      Different banks charge different percentage rates and amounts for card processing. We have access to the lowest transaction rates in the industry therefore Valitor will ensure that you get the best possible deal available for your business.

    • I don't have a merchant account, where do I go from here?

      Our dedicated team of Sales Advisors can help you set up a merchant account with highly competitive card processing rates. We have the fastest set-up in the UK and can often gain approvals within 24 hours. Once your account has been approved, we can send out your Chip & PIN card machine.

    • How do I get my money once I've taken payment from my customer?

      After the payment is approved, your merchant account provider transfers the funds to your business or personal bank account by BACS typically within 3 working days.

    • Does my merchant account have to be with my business account provider?

      No. You can mix and match. This means your Business Account provider can be different from your merchant account provider.

    • What is Minimum Monthly Charge?

      The Minimum Monthly Charge is the minimum amount your merchant bank will take in card processing fees. We currently offer a minimum monthly charge from £10.00 (subject to status). For example, if your card processing rate was 1.5% for credit cards, you would need to take £334 in credit card payments every month to cover your minimum monthly charge.

    • Are there any other charges?

      The only other charges will be from your Merchant Account provider who will charge you for the card processing. Please note that your merchant Account provider may levy a small charge to ensure that you are PCI DSS compliant.

    • How long does it take to get the money into my Business Account?

      This depends on which merchant and business accounts you hold. However, typically you will see your funds in your business bank account between 1-3 working days.

    • Once the transaction has gone through, am I guaranteed the money?

      Yes. After the payment is approved, your merchant account provider handles the payments and takes a small fee (transaction rates). Your funds are then transferred to your business account where you can access them.

    • What is PCI DSS?

      The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security initiative aimed at protecting cardholder details such as credit card numbers and personal data.

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