Mobile Terminal

The PAX A920 terminal is a standalone mPOS device. It is a hand-held payment terminal, and we offer it to all merchants who are looking for an intelligent, secure and elegant terminal packed with features.

Countertop Terminal

The PAX A80 is a new generation terminal that functions as a countertop device. With a full range of communication options, the pAX A80 terminal is always connected, ensuring peak performance during business hours.

PIN Pad Terminal

In addition to its outstanding resolution, high-end capacitive touch screen, the PAX Q30 PIN Pad terminal enables merchants everywhere to accept any type of transaction, including traditional credit and debit cards.

MiniPOS Terminal

The D190 is embedded with a high-speed processor for exceptional performance. It’s flexible OS allows additional development and customised business applications, additional the terminal is supported by PAXSTORE.


Our terminals suit the needs of any modern business.

All of our certified terminals are chosen for their omni-channel functionality, ease of use and convenience.

If you are unsure on which terminal is right for you, please contact one of our experienced and helpful team using the form below.



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