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Tailor-made products and services for you and your merchants.

We customise our issuing and acquiring solutions to suit our partners. We are a licensed acquiring bank and have 35 years’ experience in issuing, so can create the right products and services for your merchants.

Our technology platform enables us to launch new customised programmes and we work alongside our partners to develop new products – helping you keep pace in a rapidly changing market. We also offer both card-present and card-not present services, as well as tailored acquiring solutions for our partners.

We can flex to your merchants’ needs and different markets, building you a unique value proposition, from boarding procedures to risk monitoring. Our offerings are always competitive – on price, collateral and service.

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Customising payment solutions for our partners is a key advantage to working with us. With a system stability and uptime of 99.99% you can be assured that we will provide the highest level of service to our partners.

  • Adaptable pricing structure
  • Guaranteed response within 24 hours for all merchant applications
  • Application acceptance within 48 hours, if all requirements met
  • Efficient chargeback management services
  • Extensive merchant support and training
  • Rule-based fraud monitoring system
  • 24/7 access to Valitor Back Office, our call center and technology support
  • Optimal system stability and uptime of 99.99%
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