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Payment solutions for restaurants.

Restaurants need to constantly look at delivering a service that matches, or exceeds, the expectations of their customers. For many restauranteurs, this means focusing on good food, quality ingredients, cooked to perfection. But it isn’t just the food that makes the experience for customers and that is where Valitor comes in.

How Valitor can help.

A more digitally connected world brings new opportunities to attract customers, and this is no different for the hospitality industry. In fact, today’s payment technology can help you offer a great customer experience, such as allowing customers to pay in the way that they prefer, offering a range of payment options, including mobile payments, online payments, over the phone payments or adding a gratuity on the card. For instance, in Valitor’s recent research, 20% of 18 to 24-year-olds would rather pay for their meals with Apple Pay.

By improving your restaurant’s payment process, you can generate better experiences for customers. Our range of portable and mobile terminals mean that you can take payment at the table, and even bring your terminals with you to outdoor events and pop-ups. Those who have had a more pleasant experience at your restaurant will be more inclined to leave a positive review. Our in-app loyalty program allows you to create your own loyalty campaigns, offering rewards after a certain number of visits. One in five customers will leave a review if they’ve been satisfied with the customer service.

Card payments for restaurants.

There are numerous, convenient payment solutions available for restaurants and eateries of all sizes that offer peace of mind.

With payment technology, one size doesn’t fit all, you must match your payment acceptance solution to your local customers. So, if you have a younger generation of customers, you can match your table solutions to their preference, such as a payment solution that allows you to split the bill at the end of the meal or to pay via a mobile wallet. Or, perhaps you have a more mature clientele, so you need to offer a card payment solution that they’re more accustomed to, such as a traditional chip & PIN card machine. These are all findings from our report. To find out more information about generational payment preferences in the hospitality industry, download our report here.

Our products.

One of the best options for restaurants is our portable card machines, which uses wireless technology to transmit payment data to your bank account or credit card provider. You can take the device over to the customer for their convenience. It’s perfect for taking payments at your customer’s table.

Portable payment devices are great in many circumstances. For instance, customers may not want to pay at the front of the restaurant after eating a meal, or if they’re wheelchair-bound, they might find it challenging moving around a crowded dining room. With a portable card terminal, you can offer a table solution that will enhance their eating experience. If you offer external catering you might want to consider a mobile terminal, which has the added reliability of a SIM card, that uses the strongest available signal to ensure reliable connectivity.

Find out what customers expect from you before, during and after their visit to your restaurant or eatery. Download our report here.

Key features.

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Indoors and outdoors

The Haxey Gate Inn.

Through onboarding with Valitor and using the A290 PAX terminal, Licensee of The Haxey Gate Inn, Mark Mason, is able to confidently process card payments and ensure customer service levels are kept to a high standard. With improved cash flow within the business, Mark is able to put all his efforts into improving the business and give customers his full attention. Established in 1720, The Haxey Gate Inn is popular amongst locals and a favourite in its hometown of Doncaster.

Mark Mason, Owner of The Haxey Gate Inn

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